By Ken Mink

Thad Daber and Bubba Watson play in two different golf worlds, but they both share one outstanding golf achievement: They have both played a round of golf under par — using only one club.

The use of only one club to play an entire 18-hole round has become relatively popular in recent years, with Watson and Daber leading the way.

Several golf courses across America play local and regional one-club tournaments and until recent years there was even a National One-Club Play Association championship tournament.

Daber, was a 28-year-old professional golf club marketing manager from North Carolina, and had a one-handicap when he won the national one-club tournament at the Lochmere Golf Club in Cary, N.C., in 1987, setting a record 2-under-par 70, still the Guinness world record for a one-club score on a regulation course. He won the national one-club championship four times. More