The PGA of America

Senior Editor

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Phone: (561) 624-8458


As senior editor for The PGA of America, Michael R. Abramowitz writes monthly stories on the golf industry for PGA Magazine.

His articles on sports, news, politics and finance have appeared in, PGA Championship Journal, Senior PGA Championship Journal, PGA Professional’s Guide to Travel, Play Florida Golf, Private Journey Magazine, Atlanta Now Magazine, Palm Beach Post, AOL,, Young Money Magazine, Your Money Report, Business to Business Magazine and Communication Daily.

Michael handles public relations for PGA Village, PGA Employment, and PGA Education for The PGA of America.

Michael spent five years at CNN Headline News as an editor, where he: created both “Play of the Day” and “Sports Trivia” for Headline News and CNN Airport Network; served as coordinating producer of the organization’s 1994 Winter Olympics coverage; and worked a video editor of the O.J. Simpson Trial.

In 1996, Michael served as swimming venue press chief for the Paralympic Games, handling the worldwide media’s coverage of the event. He was the first online journalist ever to receive a National Press Foundation Fellowship in Economic Modeling and Forecasting. Michael is also believed to be the first online journalist to have covered Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting, in 1999, while working for a division of

Michael is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America.

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