New Avenue for Growing the Game?

By Ken Mink

The blistering summer heat of 2018 has had a detrimental effect on golf in general in the U. S., particularly in the Southeast and Southwest. Many thousands of golfers have chosen to beat the heat by getting in their shots after the sun goes down.

Nighttime golf has become more popular this year, with several courses offering players night golf opportunities after the moon comes out.

Some courses have lighted courses and some offer “glow ball” night events (using lighted balls and glow-marked tees, greens, etc.)

I recently tried nine holes of “glow golf” at my home course, Royal Oaks Golf Course, Maryville, Tenn., and found it a lot of fun (especially watching your tee shots take off into the darkened sky like tracer bullets). Maneuvering the fairways in the dark was sometimes treacherous and players had to rely on flashlights and reading greens was an adventure unto itself. More