Editor Takes on Eight Scottish Links Courses

Learns How to Get on the Old Course

By Greg Wires

The customs agent at Glasgow airport noted that I had written “Golf Tour” as my reason for visiting Scotland. He asked me where I was playing, and when my reply began: “Royal Dornoch, Castle Stuart, Carnoustie..”He stamped and handed back my passport with the encouragement to “play well.” Welcome to The Home of Golf.

My forecaddie at Castle Stuart told me how David Beckham had once paid off the caddie’s aunt and uncle’s £52,000 mortgage to take away their honeymoon suite at Gleneagles Golf Resort. Our eight-day coach driver told me I was sitting in the seat once occupied by The Dalai Lama when he was touring parts of Scotland.

We didn’t have the most luxurious Scottish golf resort, Gleneagles, on our itinerary and we may not have found ultimate inner peace, but our 2017 trip to the home of golf was as close to golf nirvana as you can get. It took place on eight of the ultimate Scottish links to make this a bucket list trip, hopefully fulfilled. More