Port St. Lucie PGA Complex Features a Terrific Trio of Golf Courses

By Grant Fraser

It is more than fitting that one of the best golf resorts in the U.S is located on a street called Perfect Drive. 1916 Perfect Drive to be exact, the address of the PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Equally appropriate is the inclusion of 1916 in the address. A random numerical selection you ask? Not a chance, as this was the year the PGA of America was established and a small, but significant example of the thought and detail that was expended to create this perfect golf destination.

PGA Village. The name itself suggests this place is all about golf. ¬†Featuring a collection of four exceptional golf courses sprawled over 500 acres, this vibrant community is nestled fifty-five miles north of West Palm Beach along Florida’s “Treasure Coast”. Over the last twenty years, the property has received more accolades from the likes of Golf Digest, Golf World and Travel & Leisure Golf than I can possibly list. More