By Grant Fraser

Harold Innis, a renowned 20th-century scholar and author, profoundly stated that, “Canada emerged not in spite of geography but because of it.” In the realm of golf course architecture, the same can be said about ClubLink’s Rocky Crest golf course.  

Located in Mactier, in the renowned Muskoka region in central Ontario, Rocky Crest is a short 15-minute drive from Parry Sound and 20 minutes from Port Carling. Since its auspicious entry onto the Ontario golf scene in 2000, Rocky Crest has secured itself as one of Canada’s finest 18-hole designs. Check any Top 50 or 100 best golf course list, past or present, and you’ll see Rocky Crest firmly entrenched among the finest in the country.

Measuring 6,884 yards, Rocky Crest is the brainchild of acclaimed Canadian architect Thomas McBroom, who quietly considers this to be one of his best in his extensive golf course design repertoire.

There were many things I liked about my Rocky Crest experience. Besides my fondness of the golf course, I appreciated its proximity to the neighbouring Rocky Crest Resort. Located a mere par 4 away, the short five-minute walk from my lakeside room to the first tee was greatly appreciated at 7:30 am.

While I thought every hole on the Rocky Crest golf course was worthy of special mention, what impressed me most was its playability. Specifically, I am referring to the ease at which I was able to walk the golf course. My round at Rocky Crest is best described as a leisurely four-hour walk that led me through coniferous Muskoka forests and along rolling fairways meticulously carved through granite outcroppings. My walks after the 8th, 10th and 12th holes in particular reminded me how tranquil golf can be if you simply slow down and savour the moment.

All of the par 5’s at Rocky Crest are exceptional. There are three on the front nine starting with the first hole. Measuring a modest 469 yards, this is an intentionally friendly introduction to the golf course.  More