By Alice and Danny Scott

The Pueblo Bonito quartet of all-inclusive luxury resorts in Los Cabos give exclusive access for guests to play the unequivocal Quivira Golf Club alongside its residential members. The Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course takes golf to new heights, both literally and figuratively.

Quivira’s architecture is truly unique with a recent refinement of routing. The new first salvo begins driving out toward the ocean and then follows the original holes meandering through the desert foothills, and seascapes with more oceanfront exposure than any course in Cabo.

Quivira Golf carts are fully equipped with accurate pin distance readings, and they have ample power which is necessary to climb the distance from number 5’s green to the high comfort station perched above the ocean, serving inspiration before tackling the notorious 6th hole.

This Cliff Comfort Station has los baños (bathrooms) with a double sink al fresco between them and a massive mirror showing your reflection along with the dramatic course and ocean view behind and below you, impressive and almost dizzying. This is one of three comfort stations on the course which offer complimentary beverages, snacks, and varying food specials daily. Think shrimp quesadilla or brisket sliders, taquitos, margaritas, palomas, cervezas, agua, and more. A Pavlovian anticipation develops by the 17th hole for the final comfort station’s offerings.

Number 6 is probably the most talked about hole on Quivira.

The tips’ drive is from a cliffside tee across an ocean span, directly to the green jutting out over the water.

It is a challenging feat for pros and a delight for scuba ball rescuers.

Other tees on 6 are placed higher up the cliff with a blind shot over a narrow fairway for a strategic dogleg left slide down to the green far below.

Par is fantastic, a birdie a blessing and an eagle or hole in one? Boom shakalaka. More