By Andy Reistetter

The Omni Grove Park Inn is a fascinating destination and a true adventure! A place where you cannot stay and visit without taking with you an experience to share for many years to come! Of course, this was perfect for a self-proclaimed golf and life voyager and documentarian such as me!

The magnitude of the Omni Grove Park Inn is massive yet it seems every little corner is intriguing and is a story in of itself! Chimneys, so big that Santa Claus and his sleigh could fit down through, have hidden elevators inside in addition to massive fires. Another lesser-known unadvertised secret is a window on the outside of a regular-sized chimney that you will have a hard time finding without a tip.

The inspirational quotes in the granite stones of the Omni Grove Park Inn guide us on our way to a peaceful rest — from Thoreau (“Be not simply good—be good for something”); Emerson (in part, “every man is a quotation from all his ancestors’); and Thomas Jefferson (‘How much pain have cost us the evil that have never happened.”)

There are many more inspirational aspects to be enjoyed by you as so many other souls have enjoyed, for the last hundred years and counting. More